> NEW Gliding Along - Sam Johnson Jazz Duo CD - 2008<
Worthington Special

Til There Was You
New York Mystery Movie
Melancholy Monday
I Couldn't Say
Gliding Along (complete track)
Pure Imagination
Happy Cows
The Colors of Home
Pleasant Dreams
The Flintstones Theme
(each is a shortened sample, to order the CD click here)

> demo samples <
Changing Directions recorded 2005
The Colors of Home recorded 2005
Funk De Blue recorded 2005
New York Mystery Movie recorded 2005
Spiraling recorded 2005
What's It recorded 2005

> fusion originals <
The Beggar's Adventure recorded 2005
Beside the Watefall recorded 2005
Variation on a Theme recorded 2005
On The Ground recorded 2005
Black Ring recorded 2006
Sadness of the Ant recorded 2006
My First Trip recorded 2006
Notorious recorded 2006

> live samples <
Blind Perception recorded 1999
Folk Tune recorded 1999
Funk De Blue recorded 2003
What's It recorded 2005
Changing Directions recorded 2005
The Colors of Home recorded 2005
Gentle Waking recorded 2006
Happy Cows recdorded 2006
The Simple Native recorded 2006
Untitled recorded 2006
The Upside of Down recorded 2006
The Lake In The Morning, At Peace recorded 2007
The Green Room recorded 2007
Sweet Angeline recorded 2007
Pleasant Dreams recorded 2007
My One And Only Love recorded 2008
Hiding In The Dark recorded 2008

More Bruised Than Broken recorded 2010
** most recent upload

all samples are faded out after about 2 minutes
sound samples are for compositional exposition only all material is original and copyrighted
musicians will remain anonymous